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In-Between Reality (SenBasa: Masamune x Reader)
A/N: This is something I've wanted to write out for a while now. I always like adding a little bit of "fate" or "dreams" or something related to fantasy that introduces something real. This can be taken as a Masamune x OC (be it Megohime or Aiko or whoever) or a Masamune x Reader. Either way, it's just a little thing I wanted to post. I hope you enjoy.
Disclaimer: I do not own Sengoku Basara or any of its characters.
But I do own this story as well as the account QTCal on UvU

It was, god forbid, summer.
Masamune wiped his wet brow with a towel once again as he fanned himself within the shaded confines of the open hallway. The inside of his room was no better than the outside, though he desperately hoped there would be a least a little bit of wind. To no luck, the small wind chime hanging to the wooden ceiling was moving as fast as he was right now (which was, in case you didn't notice, not moving at all). Masamune abandoned his work on the table and moved at least f
:iconcalarie:Calarie 12 2
Reincarnated (Modern!Shingeki no Kyojin)
In which the people from the year 850 who suffered from the horrors of titans as the 104th Training Squad are reincarnated in modern-day 21st century. Life is different – peaceful, even, and yet none of them changed a bit. But was that for good or bad?
Eren Jaeger, now starting high-school as a freshman with the entire 104th Training Squad, is held back after school to clean Levi’s Honors English classroom when he remembers something maybe he shouldn’t have in this life-time.
(Slight!LeviEren, Implications of JeanMarco, ConnieSasha, ChristaYmir and Vague Spoilers for the Manga and Anime)

Eren Jaeger – aged 15, had green eyes and brown hair, was rivals with Jean, and was the best friend of Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman. Also, he had earned an hour’s detention with Mr. Levi.
The young teen sighed dejectedly at another day spent with Mr. Levi instead of being at home. It was enough that his friends (Jean mostly) teased him about being a rash idiot
:iconcalarie:Calarie 13 3
Wish for Happiness - Austria x Reader
You loved hearing people play piano. In fact, you got the love from your grandfather, who you also loved very much. He taught you everything about the piano including the music, the history, and the beauty of such instrument.
Austria was an exceptional piano player. In fact, he was extraordinary. You could oddly remember the first time they met. It wasn't the best first impression, but at least it turned out okay. After all, you were friends. Or at least, you wanted that to be true, but you weren't sure if he considered you that.
Usually you listened to Austria play from one to two and you never failed to appear, that is, until one day.
To tell the truth, Austria had never been so worried about someone like that. You never (and I mean never) missed his playing time; your lateness shocked him completely. His anxiety only lessened when he saw you enter the music room a half and hour later.
"(Your name)-," he paused. Your face was red and your eyes were puffy when you entered t
:iconcalarie:Calarie 11 11
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming
There it was again. Darkness, void, blankness, and nothing surrounded me. An eerie sound echoed into my ear, and almost automatically, my heart beat faster in fear. I didn't understand why at first. Was there something I was supposed to be afraid of? Perhaps it's the darkness that frightens me, I thought sleepily.
I snap open my eyes, revealing what I have seen before: darkness. Sweat gathers on my hands immediately and I can feel my rapid heart beat from my wrists. Oh that's right, I remember now. The darkness wasn't the thing that scared me.
An unknown language was roared out in fury, at what, I do not know. All these times I have seen it, I had never felt the need to know anything but the fact that it was looking at me. Another roar is directed towards my direction and my hair whips back from the loudness of it. My face becomes wet with green, slimy, saliva. A cry builds up in my throat that was so used to screaming, but I couldn't let it free. Fear captures me in its
:iconcalarie:Calarie 3 3
The Usual - Francis x Reader
There he was again, waiting for you to walk up the marble steps and sit in your regular two-seat table on the balcony. Letting a small smile slip from your lips, you let yourself fall into his trap and sat down under the fabric umbrella.
In an instant, he, the waiter, came up to you and slyly smiled, asking for your order which you answered, "The usual."
Francis nodded, left and came back with your order, then leaned against the table as you picked up your glass and took a sip.
"So about the offer yesterday…"
And the day before that and the days before that…
Francis raised his hand and swiped your [h/c] locks away from your [e/c] eyes and stopped on top of your own hand.
It was barely a whisper.
"Will you accept it now?"
And you answered it back with the same volume.
:iconcalarie:Calarie 6 16
Halloween - America x Reader
Peas in a Pod
You honestly did not know how the heck America – Alfred F. Jones – had managed to convince you to accompany him in the haunted house. Despite his hero complex, Alfred was known to you and the whole world as the scared-y cat of the century, right before you. What? Were you expecting yourself to be a courageous hero instead of Alfred? That's what you wanted to feel like. But in reality, you were just as scared of ghosts, the dark, and monsters like Alfred but with the fear a few notches down.
For example, you aren't as scared when you watched scary movies with people but once you went into your individual bedroom, you lay frozen in fear for a few minutes until convincing yourself that there was nothing but clothes in your closet.

The night was almost over and Halloween was coming to an end, you didn't mind hanging out with Alfred, trick-or-treating even though you thought you were a few years too old for it. Alfred didn't think that though, and convinced yo
:iconcalarie:Calarie 78 21
Time - England x Reader
After he left, you waited. You waited for his undecided return even after his good bye.
Seconds turned to
Minutes turned to
Hours turned to
Days turned to
Weeks turned to
Months turned to
Years until it almost reached a decade. Then, you stopped waiting. Exactly 5 years and 3 months ago, Arthur Kirkland, representative of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland said his last goodbye to you. You could hear the same pained voice that spoke to you and the soft touches he last gave to you until he opened up an umbrella and walked out of the door and your life
Never to be seen again
Actually enough, you were quite amazing to have waited for Arthur to come back for so long even though deep inside you knew he wouldn't come back. You were only a mere adolescence of the age of fifteen when Arthur disappeared from your photo album. He left without a trace, without a word, and without an explanation, and that was what bugged you the most.
Of all the boyfriends you had since he
:iconcalarie:Calarie 65 55
Apples and Tea- EnglandxReader
Apples and Tea
Tangy apples
That's what the representative of England, Arthur Kirkland, tasted when he pressed his own lips against your pink, plush ones. You had eaten some apples you had cut for Arthur and yourself and it left a lingering taste in your mouth. It was sweet, but it also had this sour after-taste. Ironically enough, it was exactly like you.
Caught in the moment, Arthur deepened the kiss, pushing you against the wall, allowing no one to escape from this heated kiss. He chewed on your bottom lip, asking for you permission to enter which you gladly agreed to. His wet tongue entered her mouth and entwined with yours, enveloping into a teasing battle of dominance, which of course Arthur won.
During the kiss, you aren't sure how you managed to score such a handsome man, let alone a country. You weren't amazing. You weren't tall or lean, nor were you beautiful or excessively cute. You weren't as smart as many of your friends. You weren't cheerful or
:iconcalarie:Calarie 95 45
RPG - Scarlet Secret by Calarie RPG - Scarlet Secret :iconcalarie:Calarie 2 8 RPG- Video Game Avatar Creator by Calarie RPG- Video Game Avatar Creator :iconcalarie:Calarie 5 0 Captured Rain by Calarie Captured Rain :iconcalarie:Calarie 3 1 Sailor Maple by Calarie Sailor Maple :iconcalarie:Calarie 1 6
Maple Leaves Part 3
Before: The archery master stood up solidly and looked at her daughter, "You will do what you want to do, and I know that you will follow Nina until the very end. In the midst of the battle, she slipped out that she was inside Sleepywood." Sleepywood was the most dangerous place on Victoria Island, and could only be entered within Ellinia. Claire nodded and her mother bided her good-luck and gave her an amulet from her father, saying, "I know he wanted you to have it." Joseph and Claire were on her way to Sleepywood. The last of her house's maple leaf fell down from its burnt tree right before they left.
Joseph sent the spore to Perion, asking to bring the potion to Kerning City. After all, Daniel still had the Medusa Virus. The trees of Ellinia were half burnt as the two climbed up it's trunk to the top. At the peak of the tree, there was a warning sign stating 'beware: 2000 feet fall'. This was the only way to Sleepywo
:iconcalarie:Calarie 0 0
Maple Leaves Part 2
Before: Claire breathed in and suddenly walked outside the building, with a surprised Joseph after her. Without saying anything, Claire could feel his confusion and answered his question.
"We're going to Perion to save Daniel and then try to find that girl." Claire glared angrily, "I'm not going to let her go that easily after hurting my friend."
"Thank-You," Claire said as she received the last item she needed to make the medicine. She glanced toward Joseph who gave her a pat on the head. Together, they dashed to the potion's shop. The young lady, Sophie, searched in their pile of materials, checking if all of them were there.
"Good, all of them are there," Sophie said as Claire beamed at their work, making Joseph show a small smile, "but, a spore from a small mushroom."
That sentence made her frown do a 360  , the only place with small mushrooms was Henesys.
"I'll go," Claire said to Joseph.
:iconcalarie:Calarie 1 0
Maple Leaves Part 1
In the world of Maple Story, all was peaceful and happy, with humans training to be the best explorers of all time. The world will never be the same again after a young hero marks a page in history. It was a windy October afternoon on Victoria Island, as the colorful maple leaves fell down softly onto the grassy ground. Fourteen year old Wind Archer, Claire, finished off an easy monster as she gained the last item for a D-Ranked Cygnus Knight quest. She grinned ear to ear, with her dark chocolate eyes twinkling with joy, and yelled to her companions, "Hey, I got the orange mushroom cap!"  
"Wahoo!" Daniel cheered. "We're finally done! I'm so happy!"
Daniel wiped his eyes, acting as if he was crying tears of happiness. Claire laughed and joined in his actions, all the while patting his back saying, "Work well done, my friend."
Another of her friends came out from a bush and sighed but smiled at their silly antics with gray eyes that hinted amusement. Joseph noted to the two 'c
:iconcalarie:Calarie 0 2
Error Alert Fun by Calarie Error Alert Fun :iconcalarie:Calarie 0 6


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It is filled with many things. Enough said.


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